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We are a law firm dedicated to Registration, Conservation, and Defense of your Industrial Property Rights, dedicating ourself to:

  • Patents

  • PCT´S

  • Utility Models

  • Industrial Designs and Trademarks

  • Tradenames

  • Service Marks

as well as International Debt Collections.

The firm provides highly qualified legal services to national and foreign clients. Our team, our partners together with a team of external interdisciplinary consultants, have a primary objective, to offer thorough advice creative answers to every specific problem of todays business.

Guaranteed full time dedication and maximum confidentiality in the legal field.

We are specialized in Industrial Property and debt collections. We carry out all the necessary research work in order to see the possibility of the any anticipation registered before. This investigation does not give you the right of register but a possibility and let us prepare our arguments. If this possibility is in force then we file a petition.

Collections in Mexico take time to get resolved as people can tell you "mañana" (tomorrow), but actually its "next month", so without suit some collections can be carried out with a lot of patience. Suit takes about 8 months in the first instance and only original documents are accepted. Second instance "appeal" can take three months and an injunction can take another three months. We deal with both approaches; we are very patient until we collect as well as we are very aggressive for the cases that require a prompt resolution.

" An idea, a name, a concept are just starting points, they need to come with actions. The first action maybe to register you idea, name, concept, etc. because a register establishes the priority of the date of ownership of the register and the date of first use. The registration gives you the tools to protect your trademark and in a needed case you may file a suit against any entity that uses you trademark once it is registered."

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