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Ronald Riesenfeld was born in Monterrey, Mexico in April 9, 1942. He studied in the American School of Monterrey up to High School and following in The Instututo Tecnologico de Monterrey for College. Studied Law in The Universidad de Nuevo Leon in Monterrey graduating in 1966 as one of the best students earning an honorific mention.

Mr. Riesenfeld has been practicing laws for about 40 years. From 1967 to 1988 worked in a Law Office for Industrial Property matters as a Patent Director (Berry & Zavala later Patmark,S.C). In Parallel had a wholesale commercial business since 1969 to 1994 selling and distributing products within Mexico.

In 1988 he iniciated his own practice for Patents, Trademarks, Commercial Names & Industrial Designs, and Copyright matters also starting an International Collection Agency as of today.

Mr. Riesenfeld wrote a book called "El Monopolio y el Articulo 28 de la Constitución Mexicana" (The Monopoly and Articule 28 of the Mexican Constitution). He is member of The American Lawyers Quaterly, The Forwarders List of attorneys, The General Bar. Inc. were he is found at foreign Consul in Mexico.

His hobbies are: swimming, traveling, and scale cars collector, per se, he is a car expert, show him a car and he can tell you by heart the model, the year, the engine, the manufacturer and so on. He owns so far more than 170 scale cars and is growing.

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